Based on the high demand from the film industry and the requirement to provide qualified Talent with culture and knowledge background, with a consideration of ethics and behavior, Our site is designed so that the client can choose by talent, gender, ages, colours and shapes based on their request, As we take care of all procedures and management for the talent in all stages of the project for you to focus on the creativity.


Sometimes it is very hard to choose the voice talent without knowing who dose it belongs to with the absence of the image and information all you have is a sound clip that almost no one can know the talent from Therefor ArabAct has included those talent into the database for the client to find and request there service giving them more opportunities and job orders to fill.


Today, advertising images of non-GCC models started to be noticed in the market that do not reflect the Arab environment or the culture of Saudi Arabia making it difficult to find possible alternatives. With this in mind, ArabAct provides models of both genders and different ages whose appearance are related to the gulf region and reflect Our identity and culture within the budget that can be easily found and chosen from our website database.


The main objective of our services is talent development, as that every production project is in need of talent with high skills , ArabAct has set a level path for all talents in there database to keep them into track with their performance, attendance, behavior and knowledge and to provide them with seminars and workshops to enhance their skills, to achieve this we have teamed up with local trainers and international Institutes with special rates so that the talent can achieve the maximum talent skill possible for the industry.