This idea was founded after a series of attempts started by a group of Saudi Entrepreneurs full with Art and motion passion since 2015 adding to it lately the Art of cinema after its official announcement in the kingdom, With a technology-first approach, we had to solve problems and develop tools for casting professionals, coordinators, producers and directors wanting to find Actors, Models, Voice overs or anything in between – in a one-place-for-all approach that saves not only time, but money on the budget!
Therefor the idea was to create a platform for the talent Industry and ArabAct was born and founded in 2018 with a vision to become the main Arab Platform for Talent development.


The idea of the project is to attract interested talent in the artistic production sector to highlight and develop them, and to create and find job opportunities to refine their talents and build a distinctive artistic career.
Through our website service you can communicate and request talents based on there qualification that matches your production needs.


Develop Saudi talents to be ready for the film industry.


To become a major source of the Arab talent database and to develop their biography.